Welcome, I am John Lancaster with The Best of Miami Real Estate Team

Whether you are looking to purchase, sell, invest, or lease, Miami Real Estate has a unique quality that appeals to everyone.  The beauty of the weather, the skyline, and the beaches creates a buzz that few cities can relate too and attracks people from all over the world.  Within the heart of this paradise comes a city that is alive and vibrant, which creates the perfect mixture for a Hot Real Estate Market!

Now, when it comes to the place you call home, location is only a piece of the puzzle.  When you walk through the doors, it’s a life that you envision.  Our goal is to make that vision a place you can call home for years to come!

The Relationship

This is more then just a job; this is a relationship that goes beyond just working for you.  My team sits down with you and listens to what you want, what you expect out of us, and the positive influence you wish this to have on your life.  When you make a decision to make a life investment, we should too!

Using the latest in technology, market research and business strategy, we go beyond your expectations.   Our goal is to make our relationship like a vacation in paradise, so go ahead and make your reservation…

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My team believes education is the key to keeping up to date on the market and My current designations are:

CLHMS    (Certifide Luxury Home Marketing Specialist)
DPP         (Distressed Properties Professional)
      (Certified Short Sale Agent)
(Foreclosure Professional Agent)
TRC        (Transnational Referral Certification)

My team and I appreciate your visit and look forward to working with you!